Slide Tarot 600 TAROT 600 PRO TAROT 600 PRO 600 Class Electric Helicopter
Suitable for 6S or 12S batteries
Slide Tarot 550 PRO TAROT 550 PRO TAROT 550 PRO ] [ PRO KIT STANDARD KIT 550 Class Electric Helicopter
Suitable for 6S or 12S batteries

ScotiaRC is the Exclusive UK Provider for Tarot 550 and 600 Class RC Helicopters

Tarot 550 Pro Kit

MK55PRO in Green

Featuring a 1048mm by 325mm body, internal wire routing for its safety and integrity, and an eye-catching green finish, this helicopter is the perfect model for new or experienced fliers alike.

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Tarot 600 Pro Kit

MK6PRO in Orange

With a 1168mm by 325mm body, this heli is slightly larger than the 550, and comes in bright orange so you’ll never lose sight. This is a great helicopter for both beginner and expert hobbyist fliers.

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OMPHobby The M2 Explore and M2 V2.
Now available through ScotiaRC.

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Ensuring You’re
Ready to Fly

These helis are unique, featuring a moulded polymer airframe that dispenses with the need for a canopy, saving cost, weight and reducing expensive damage in a crash. All wiring is routed internally in the frame, saving the usual wiring headache experienced on traditional RC helis. Most important, they fly great and are equally well suited to a beginner pilot learning the basics, or all round sport flying right up to extreme 3D.

ScotiaRC keep the full range of kits, plus great value motor and servo packages and ESC’s to get your new heli in the air. Check out our top quality electronics packs including top brands like Egodrift motors, KST servos and Hobbywing ESCs, at an absolutely unbeatable price. Of course, RC helis flying is a hobby where crashes do sometimes happen, so we also keep a full range of spares to get your heli back in the air quickly at minimum expense.

Here at ScotiaRC we don’t try to compete with the big RC dealers on range of products. We are focused solely on bringing these great new Tarot helis to the UK market, offering a great personal service and unbeatable value for money.

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